Personal injury claims may be in the works for Missouri resident

Personal injury claims may be in the works for Missouri resident

Failure to properly pay attention while driving can result in bad situations. Watching out for other vehicles on the road is a must to ensure a safe traveling experience. A recent accident in Missouri caused personal injury to three people involved. Two of those people were county officers.

The male and female officers were on patrol together that afternoon. They allegedly were not in route to a specific call, but they were on duty while driving down the highway when the accident occurred. A man driving a pickup truck was allegedly trying to cross an eastbound lane of the roadway when his vehicle collided with the police car.

The officers were reported to have sustained serious injuries and were immediately rushed to the hospital when help arrived. Although they were serious injuries, thankfully they were not life-threatening according to the report. The man driving the pickup truck was also injured in the crash; however, he was last reported to be in serious condition at a local hospital.

The reports were unclear regarding who was actually determined to have caused the accident. Operating a vehicle is a large responsibility, and if the driver of the pickup truck is found to be at fault, he may face claims filed against him for compensation. However, if the officers are found to be at fault for the accident, the pickup truck’s driver may choose to file a claim with the state of Missouri against the officers for his injuries. Personal injury claims can be filed to pursue financial compensation from the person or persons responsible for an accident, regardless of their employment status.

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