Personal injury suffered by 3 victims of crash on Highway 30

On a recent Thursday morning, a box truck driver from De Soto allegedly caused a three-vehicle crash on Highway 30 in Fenton. According to a report that was prepared by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, personal injury was reported to have been suffered by three people. The crash occurred when this driver allegedly failed to stop at a red light.

The report states that a 60-year-old woman with an 84-year old passenger in a van and a 48-year-old pickup truck driver were both in the process of turning onto eastbound Highway 30. At that time, the box truck driver who was westbound on the highway allegedly disregarded the red light. His truck smashed into the side of the pickup truck, and the impact caused the truck to slam into the van.

Emergency workers arrived to tend to the injured victims. While the box truck driver was reportedly uninjured, the pickup truck driver suffered serious injuries, and he was rushed to the hospital. The injuries received by the driver and passenger of the van were said to be of moderate nature, and they were transported to another hospital.

Medical expenses following injuries suffered in car accidents can be significant and not something most people include in their budgets. To recover financial and emotional damages, personal injury claims can be filed in a Missouri civil court. After establishing negligence on the part of the driver deemed responsible, the plaintiffs will be allowed to present the court with documented claims for damages. Once those have been adjudicated, monetary judgments may be entered.

Source:, “Three people hurt in accident on Hwy. 30“, Peggy Bess, Oct. 7, 2016