Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Dog Bites Can Cause Permanent Damage

A dog bite can cause significant physical injury and scarring, not to mention emotional distress, both at the time of the attack and in the future. Unfortunately, many victims of canine attacks are children, some of whom need surgical intervention to correct scarring when they are older. Many individuals struggle with a fear of dogs for the rest of their lives after they are bitten.

If you or your child was bitten by someone else’s dog, you may be entitled to financial compensation for past, present and future medical expenses, as well as emotional damages. Our attorneys can help you obtain fair and appropriate compensation by pursuing a claim against the animal’s owner, who is usually liable for the injury.

We Understand How To Pursue Dog Bite Claims

At The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, we represent dog bite victims and their families in personal injury lawsuits. Our attorneys can help you obtain maximum compensation and a sense of closure if your case involves:

  • A dog belonging to a neighbor or a stranger
  • An owner’s failure to properly confine a dog
  • An owner’s failure to supervise a dog off-leash
  • A dog with “vicious propensities” that has bitten others in the past

We understand that insurance companies will attempt to minimize or deny legitimate dog bite claims by arguing that a victim provoked an animal or trespassed on the dog owner’s property. We are prepared to fight for our clients’ rights and deal aggressively with insurance companies in every case.

Helping You Move On From An Animal Attack

The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, has handled many cases involving animal attacks, securing maximum compensation for our clients and their families. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case. We serve St. Charles and the surrounding areas of Missouri.

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