Serious car accident injuries follow driver’s failure to stop

Serious car accident injuries follow driver’s failure to stop

Missouri drivers are at risk of serious injuries when they fail to comply with the basic rules of the road. Car accident injuries often result from crashes that followed violations such as failure to yield or running a red light or a stop sign. Such an accident reportedly occurred in Moniteau County on a recent Tuesday morning.

According to an accident report, a 74-year-old driver was travelling on Highway 50 when his alleged failure to stop caused him to crash into a tractor-trailer. There was also a 73-year-old passenger in the sedan. Reportedly, both occupants of the car were seriously injured, and they were rushed to a hospital in Jefferson City.

The injured driver was reportedly released from the hospital the next day, but the condition of the passenger is not known. The driver of the big rig was not injured. The accident report also indicates that both occupants of the car were restrained by their seatbelts.

When a passenger suffers car accident injuries that were caused by the negligence of another party, he or she may pursue recovery of financial and other damages. A personal injury claim may be filed in a Missouri civil court regardless of whether the person deemed responsible was the driver of the car in which the injured passenger traveled or the driver of another vehicle. When negligence has been established, the court will consider all documented claims. Financial damages such as medical and other expenses along with emotional damages such as pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment and more may be included in the list of claims.

Source: Columbia Missouri: Local News, “Two men seriously injured during Moniteau County crash“, March 16, 2016

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