Several car accidents caused on I-44 by alleged wrong-way driver

Despite the numerous efforts by police agencies around the country to avoid motorists entering highways in the wrong direction, a percentage of injuries and fatalities on Missouri roads are the results of wrong-way driving. Drivers who fail to observe road signs correctly may jeopardize their own safety, along with the safety of other road users. In one of the many wrong-way car accidents that occur on Missouri roads, a man recently lost his life and caused multiple injuries to others.

The Missouri Highway Patrol responded to several accidents on Interstate 44 that were all caused by one wrong-way driver in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday. It was reported that the man had traveled west for at least six miles in the eastbound traffic lanes of I-44 before smashing into the side of another vehicle. The man allegedly hit two additional vehicles before the carnage ended in his death.

Police reported that five people suffered injuries and were rushed to hospitals in the area. All lanes of eastbound I-44 were closed during the accident investigation, and traffic was diverted onto an alternative route. All the vehicles that were damaged had to be towed away during the clean-up operations.

Despite the fact that the alleged negligent driver lost his life, all the injured victims of the above car accidents may pursue recovery of damages incurred. They retain the right to file personal injury claims against the estate of the deceased in a Missouri civil court. Successful presentation may result in monetary judgment to cover medical expenses and, if deemed appropriate by state laws, the court may award additional restitution to cover additional expenses.

Source:, “One killed in wrong-way crash: EB I-44 closed near Stanton, MO“, Danielle Scruggs, Aug. 6, 2014