Sexual abuse of dementia patient alleged at Missouri nursing home

It is a difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home so they can receive the treatment and care they cannot get at home. The illnesses and conditions that make it necessary for nursing home care are such that the staff must be attentive, professional and caring. Unfortunately, there are incidents in nursing homes that cause injuries and death to the residents.

An investigation is taking place after an 84-year-old nursing home resident suffering from dementia was allegedly sexually assaulted. Law enforcement was called to the facility after the woman’s daughter suspected a sexual assault had taken place. The patient was taken to the hospital for treatment. Unable to speak, the woman could not protest or scream when the assault took place. She was sent to another facility after leaving the hospital. It is suspected that another resident committed the assault. No charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing.

There is an expectation that when a person is placed in a nursing home, they will be protected and properly cared for. However, there are frequent instances of medical mistakes, neglect, assault, theft, malnutrition, failure to properly treat them and more. One of the worst abuses that can take place is sexual abuse. For residents who are defenseless or have limited or no ability to communicate, it is up to the facility and its staff to protect them. When this does not happen, the family must act.

If you have a loved one who has been injured while living in a nursing home, you should seek legal help. Calling a law firm that has extensive experience in nursing home neglect, negligence, abuse and assault and knows the steps to pursuing cases related to these issues should be contacted as soon as possible for guidance and help.