Another of Missouri’s multi-car accidents sends 4 to hospital

Most conscientious drivers in Missouri know that there are some basic driving rules that have to be observed at all times. Many car accidents result from drivers who are unobservant and fail to maintain safe following distances, leading to rear-end collisions. The resulting injuries are often life-altering back and neck trauma caused by the whiplash effect of the accident, and recovery may take a long time.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol was recently called to the scene of an accident that involved three vehicles. They reported that a 66-year-old driver was eastbound in a truck when he was allegedly rear-ended by an SUV when he stopped before turning left into a driveway. The 20-year-old driver of the SUV apparently lost control of his vehicle and it veered across the center into the path of westbound traffic, crashing into another SUV that was driven by a 72-year-old man.

The young driver of the first SUV was airlifted by a medical rescue helicopter while the truck driver was taken for treatment in a hospital by way of a private vehicle. The driver of the second SUV and his female passenger were transported by ambulance to a regional hospital. The media report made no mention of the condition of the injured victims.

The injuries in the chain-reaction collisions were not described, but could be life-altering. Medical and potential long-term rehabilitation care may follow, bringing about high medical costs. Missouri victims of car accidents that were caused by the negligent driving of another party retain the right to file personal injury claims in a civil court. Upon successful presentation of such claims, a court may award monetary damages to cover current and future medical expenses, along with other costs as allowed under state law.

Source: The Joplin Globe, “Four motorists hurt in three-vehicle crash in Vernon County”, , May 16, 2014