Speeding can turn pedestrian accidents into fatalities

Speeding can turn pedestrian accidents into fatalities

Speeding has become a significant problem on roadways. It is dangerous not only for those speeding, but also for anyone else on the road. Pedestrian accidents can be especially deadly when a speeding vehicle is involved. A recent accident in Missouri proved this to be true.

A man was killed in an auto-pedestrian accident that occurred in Stoddard. Reports indicate that the man was standing in the middle of the road when he was struck by a vehicle. The driver was allegedly traveling at a speed of around 112 mph, according to the investigation done by Missouri State Highway Patrol. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Following the accident, the driver allegedly called his father who then met him at the scene. Reports indicate that the driver left before the police arrived, and the father claimed that he was the driver of the vehicle. When the highway patrol spoke with a witness, the witness indicated that the father was not the driver. Police state that the driver later came forward and admitted that he was the one behind the wheel.

Pedestrian accidents that end in the loss of life are always tragic, especially so when it is possible that the accident could have been altogether avoided. Because of the serious nature of this accident, the victim’s family may want to pursue legal action against the driver by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. If such a claim is successful, they could receive monetary damages to help cover funeral expenses and other financial damages. Families who have similarly lost a loved one also have the right to file a wrongful death claim. Speaking with an experienced Missouri personal injury attorney can begin this process.

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