Speeding often causes fatal car accidents in Missouri

Speeding often causes fatal car accidents in Missouri

Speeding is a major hazard on Missouri roadways. When drivers speed, they not only put themselves in danger, but pedestrians and other motorists in danger as well. This can easily lead to car accidents. A 9-year-old boy recently died as a result of the injuries he suffered in one such crash involving a speeding vehicle on April 25.

According to police reports, the vehicle that struck the victim’s car was stolen. The driver of the stolen SUV attempted to avoid a traffic stop by speeding away. Police gave chase and the SUV headed toward the airport, where it crashed into the victim’s car. A handgun was also recovered from the car, but investigators later determined it was a replica.

The young victim and his family were taken to the hospital after suffering serious injuries. Tragically, after over a week of treatment, the boy passed away from his injuries. The three occupants of the stolen SUV were also hurt, though their injuries were minor. All three were taken into custody following the crash. Police have yet to state whether charges against the driver of the SUV will be filed. 

In most car accidents that end in a fatality, the victim’s surviving family could file a wrongful death claim in civil court against the driver responsible in an attempt to receive monetary damages. However, in situations such as this where the at-fault driver may be uninsured, an experienced Missouri personal injury attorney could still help families in other ways. An attorney could assist families in investigating coverage through other sources such as their own car insurance and/or homeowner’s insurance for underinsured or uninsured coverage. If the coverage is available, the lawyer can assist in negotiating a favorable settlement with the insurance company.

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