Speeding on icy roads often leads to car accidents

This time of year, Missouri roads can be treacherous to navigate. Winter weather has caused snow and ice to be a part of the everyday driving scenario. Driving in these conditions requires attention to the roads and surroundings. Car accidents can quickly occur when a driver is speeding or otherwise distracted.

Police are currently searching for the driver of a vehicle that recently crashed on Mark Peterson Drive near Missouri Route F. The car involved was a Dodge Intrepid. Reports indicate that the driver was most likely driving too fast for the road conditions. As a result, he or she lost control of the vehicle, drove off the side of the road and crashed into a tree.

The driver of the vehicle reportedly left the scene of the accident. However, the passenger, a 57-year-old gentleman, was not able to do so and died at the accident site. While an initial investigation indicates that speed combined with the icy road conditions contributed to the accident, it may be easier to determine if other factors were also involved once the driver is located.

Car accidents are an almost daily occurrence across the country. It is a violation for a driver in Missouri to leave the site of an accident that he or she has been involved in. Police need to be able to take statements and determine the facts in each case, especially one involving serious injuries or death.

In this particular accident, a gentleman was killed and was left to be found by the authorities. Rather than seek assistance and try to save his life, the driver purportedly left the accident site. Once located, this driver will most likely face criminal charges relating to this accident. It is also possible that the grieving family of the gentleman killed will seek restitution by filing a wrongful death claim in a civil court of law.

Source: ksdk.com, Driver flees from scene of fatal Warren County crash, Allison Sylte, Feb. 3, 2014