Student died from car accident injuries sustained in Missouri

When parents are informed that their 20-year-old son was involved in an accident that took his life, the shock must certainly be overwhelming. A Missouri college student, with his whole life ahead of him, recently died from fatal car accident injuries in a collision on K-10. Escalating the tragedy is the fact that the driver who allegedly caused the accident should never have been operating a vehicle.

The Kansas Highway Patrol reported that a 45-year-old male pickup truck driver, who was northbound on K-10, allegedly crossed over into oncoming Eastbound traffic just before 1:30 a.m. on a recent Thursday morning. Reportedly, the pickup truck then smashed into an oncoming vehicle, killing the 20-year-old driver. Officials reported that the cause of the accident was yet to be determined, but they speculated that the death could possibly have been prevented, had there been cable barriers in the median.

Considering the reported driving record of the pickup truck driver, this fatal accident should never have happened. Records indicated that his drivers’ license was suspended as far back as 1990 and that he has had more than 10 alcohol related suspensions in Missouri. The pickup truck driver, who also lost his life in this accident, appeared to have been driving in disregard of Missouri traffic laws.

If the investigation confirms that the pickup truck driver was responsible for, or significantly contributed to the car accident injuries that caused the death of the young college student, the next of kin retains the right to file a wrongful death claim against his estate. It may be beneficial for them to gain information relating to the legality of such a civil claim. The court could potentially award monetary restitution to help those left behind to cope with end-of-life expenses, along with other related costs as defined by Missouri state laws.

Source:, “Records show driver killed in K-10 wreck had suspended license”, Laura McCallister, Amy Anderson, March 22, 2014