Survey: Parents admit to texting and driving with kids in car

Motorcycles are such a common sight in Saint Peters and throughout Missouri that it is easy to come to the assumption that all drivers of conventional vehicles will pay attention to them, share the road and ensure that everyone is safe. With every motorcycle crash, however, the reality that such a belief is mistaken becomes clearer and clearer. Motorcyclists are prone to serious injuries and death when they are in an auto accident. For those who were hurt and families who lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, a lawsuit is frequently the only way to receive adequate compensation.

Based on recent reports, a man, 24, was riding a motorcycle when he collided with a car. The accident happened not long after midnight at an intersection. A Chevrolet Impala was making a right turn and went into the motorcyclist’s path. The motorcycle crashed into the car. The rider was declared dead at the site of the crash, and the driver of the automobile suffered minor injuries. The investigation into the crash continues.

There are many ways a motorcycle-auto accident can occur. Often, drivers will not see the motorcyclist, they will behave as a negligent driver, they are distracted or they commit a failure to yield. Since riders are limited to helmets and the protective gear that many motorcyclists wear, the chance of catastrophic injuries is high. Even if they survive, they could deal with spinal cord damage, head injuries, broken bones, cuts, lost limbs and issues that will hinder them and their families personally and financially for the remainder of their lives. When there is a death, the family left behind must consider how they will cope and move forward.

While it can be difficult to think of financial issues in the immediate aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident, it is important to remember that the steps must be taken to pursue a claim as soon as possible. A law firm that is experienced in motorcycle accidents from the investigation onward can help with a case and should be contacted immediately.