Teen driver’s alleged failure to yield causes personal injury

Teen driver’s alleged failure to yield causes personal injury

Drivers on Missouri roads can cause serious accidents if they disregard the rules of the road. The slightest error in judgment can put their own lives on the line. Driver negligence can also risk the lives of passengers and others in or near the road. When that occurs, the result is often a car accident causing personal injury or, in some cases fatalities.

An accident that resulted in four people suffering injuries was the focus of the Missouri Highway Patrol’s attention on a recent Friday morning. An accident report indicates that the crash occurred at 7:40 a.m. in an intersection in Cole County. Officers say that a 17-year-old driver turned at an intersection without yielding to an approaching vehicle that was operated by a 49-year-old driver.

The collision that followed caused injuries to occupants in both cars. The teen driver and one passenger in that car suffered minor injuries. A second passenger in the teen’s vehicle was ejected during the crash, and she was seriously injured. Reportedly, this passenger was not wearing a safety belt. The driver of the other vehicle was also not seriously injured.

When a passenger suffers injuries that were caused by the apparent negligence of the vehicle operator, the injured individual may pursue financial relief for medical expenses and other monetary losses that are related to the injuries. A personal injury claim can be filed in a Missouri civil court. Once negligence is established, the court typically considers the entry of a monetary judgment. Documented monetary losses will be considered for restitution.

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