Thanksgiving week a danger for motor vehicle accidents

The holidays in Missouri are an enjoyable time in which people will be with family and friends. The kickoff of the holiday season is generally considered to be Thanksgiving. While the images of large feasts and time off from work are positive, there are negatives that must be considered. The dangers on the road are a concern for everyone and it is important to think about them, prepare for them, and know what to do if a person or a family member is involved in an auto accident.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is encouraging drivers to be patient, cautious and smart behind the wheel during Thanksgiving week and throughout the holiday season. There are three main worries when people are on the road during this time: encountering a distracted driver, a drunk driver, and the number of people who are on the road. This is especially worrisome on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Alternatively called “Blackout Wednesday,” people are prone to using their day off to drink and party. This can lead to dangers on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that there were more than 800 fatalities due to DUI from 2013 to 2017 during Thanksgiving week. This is the worst for any holiday. It is not only the Wednesday before the holiday, but the Friday after that carries risks.

People are prone to do things they might not otherwise do just because they are in a rush or are thinking of things other than what should be their focus: the road. When there are motor vehicle accidents, there can be injuries and fatalities. It is important to know what caused the crash and, during holiday time, a law firm that has experience in these types of accidents will understand how to investigate and gather evidence for a lawsuit. Those who have been impacted by a holiday crash should call for legal assistance immediately.