Three injured after motorcycle, car collide

Three injured after motorcycle, car collide

Motor vehicles of all varieties share the roads in Missouri and other states across the nation. This means that a semi-truck driver should expect to share the road with motorcyclists on any given day. While motorists maintain this knowledge, this does not always means they are watchful of one another. Failing to drive safe, whether by driving negligently, recklessly or under the influence, could result in a serious accident. And in some cases, the errors and negligence of multiple drivers could be the cause of an injury-causing car accident.

According to recent reports, three individuals were injured in a collision that involved a motorcycle and a car in Kickapoo. The crash occurred at the intersection of State Highway 131 and County Road U in the early afternoon hours.

Preliminary reports suggest that the motorcyclist was traveling westbound on County Road U with a group of other motorcyclists. The group of motorcyclist turned left to go south on State Highway 131; however, one motorcyclist was struck as the group turned into the path of a northbound vehicle.

The motorist attempted to avoid the motorcyclist by swerving into the left lane, but this resulted in the two still colliding. The motorcyclist was thrown from his bike. The driver and another occupant were injured in the crash. Both were not wearing seat belts at the time of the crash. All three were injured; however, the motorcyclist was the only one to suffer serious injuries.

The investigation process following a car accident is vital. It may not be entirely clear what party or parties are at fault, and those injured in a crash seek to understand this so they can seek compensation through a civil action. Even if some fault is applied to an injured party, it may still be possible to collect compensation through a personal injury action. Thus, it is imperative to take the time to understand the process and what rights one has following an accident.

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