Tips for avoiding slip-and-fall accidents in the summer

Tips for avoiding slip-and-fall accidents in the summer

Summertime is almost here. As you prepare to enjoy the warm weather, it is important to prioritize your safety regarding slip-and-fall accidents. It is easy to assume slip-and-fall injuries occur mostly in the winter, but there are plenty of hazards that can put you at risk in the summer months. 

Slipping and falling can result in a wide range of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, hip injuries and broken bones. Here are some guidelines for avoiding falls during the summer season. 

Be careful around swimming pools

A swimming pool is a great place to relax and have fun during the summer. But they pose a serious threat for slipping and falling. When water collects around the pool, it makes it difficult to maintain your footing. Watch out for slippery surfaces and walk slowly whenever you are near a pool. These are important tips to keep in mind whether the pool is at a home, apartment complex, gym, hotel or resort. 

Watch out at water and amusement parks

There are plenty of fun parks in Missouri to enjoy this summer, including Oceans of Fun, Six Flags and Silver Dollar City. But you and your family must be cautious when you are attending any of these parks. Wet surfaces, food and drink spills, large crowds and uneven pavement can easily cause slip-and-fall accidents. 

Choose your footwear wisely

You may want to wear sandals or flip flops a lot. But these shoes tend to have less grip and protection. You should be mindful about your footwear choices, especially depending on the environments in which you will be walking. Slipping and falling accidents are more likely to occur if you are wearing unsafe footwear. Plus, it is more likely for you to get foot injuries due to inadequate protection. 

Reducing the likelihood of summer slip-and-fall accidents is possible if you follow the right safety tips.

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