Truck accidents: 3 injured in Missouri

Truck accidents: 3 injured in Missouri

When you or a loved one is involved in a motor vehicle accident, it can have devastating consequences. Truck accidents can be particularly harmful. They are a dangerous possibility that can result in damage to vehicles or injury to those unlucky enough to be involved. Recently, one family in Missouri is grappling with such trauma after their car was struck head-on by a dump truck.

Three people were rushed to a local hospital after their car was struck by a dump truck that had crossed the center line. The driver of the car that was struck, along with one of the passengers, sustained minor injuries. The other passenger’s injuries were more severe; she had to be airlifted to another area hospital. It is not known whether the driver of the dump truck was injured.

In addition to the harm done to the people involved, the car that was struck was damaged beyond repair. The dump truck was also significantly damaged. There was no word on whether the driver of the truck would face criminal charges.

Sadly, motor vehicle accidents are a daily occurrence of modern life. Truck accidents can have a much more dire outcome than a car crash. Those who are unfortunate enough to be in a truck accident have several legal options that they can explore regarding the possibility of filing a personal injury claim. They may be entitled to financial reimbursement to help recoup lost wages, cover medical expenses and ease pain and suffering. Even though the accident cannot be reversed, Missouri families can find help to heal.

Source:, Dump truck hits car head-on in Huntsville Friday afternoon, Atina Roberts, Nov. 26, 2013

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