Truck accidents: Man killed in multi-truck accident

Truck accidents: Man killed in multi-truck accident

When drivers are not aware of their surroundings, accidents can happen. These accidents can be especially serious when semi-trucks are involved. Truck accidents often lead to major injuries and sometimes even fatalities. A Missouri man lost his life in a recent multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 44.

Three semi-trucks and two pickup trucks were involved in the collision that occurred on Feb. 16. A previous accident had caused traffic to slow and eventually come to a stop near an interchange on the interstate. A 44-year-old semi-truck driver failed to notice the slowed traffic ahead and swerved into another lane to avoid hitting a truck in front of him. Unfortunately, he was not successful in his attempt and struck the other semi-truck, causing his truck to overturn and collide with two pickup trucks. One of the pickup trucks was forced under a third semi-truck.

The man whose pickup was pushed under the third semi-truck died at the scene. No one else involved in the accident suffered any injuries. Due to the severity of the accident, Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested the driver of the first semi-truck on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter. Though he was booked and jailed for 24 hours, police are still investigating the accident, and it is yet to be determined whether the driver will be formally charged.

Even if the truck driver is not charged with a criminal offense, the family of the victim still has the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court. Should the suit be successful, the family could then receive financial compensation for any monetary damages related to the accident. Missouri residents who have lost family members in similar truck accidents also retain the right to file a wrongful death claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can help families begin this process.

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