Truck accidents may be the cause of many deaths on Missouri roads

With the increased amount of traffic on Missouri highways, road users need to be extra vigilant when driving. Because of the size and weight of large trucks, extra care may help to avoid involvement in truck accidents. Large trucks often have difficulty maneuvering in restricted areas, and motorists may not always be able to anticipate their movements. Coming upon a large stationary truck unexpectedly could result in severe injuries, or even death.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol attended to an accident that occurred on a recent Tuesday afternoon. Their report stated that an eastbound tractor-trailer was apparently across Highway 32, blocking the westbound lanes while reversing into a private driveway. A 60-year-old driver in a pickup truck was westbound and failed to avoid the large truck that was barring his way. The resulting collision caused the death of the pickup driver.

The accident caused several hours of closure of the highway. About 20 minutes after the accident, the driver was declared dead by the coroner and taken to a regional hospital. No mention was made of any injuries suffered by the driver of the tractor-trailer.

Losing loved ones in truck accidents that could possibly have been avoided will naturally cause severe heartache to the family of the deceased. Not only will they have to cope with funeral and burial expenses, but also the loss of income and companionship. The family retains the right to pursue a wrongful death claim in a Missouri civil court against the trucker and his employer, and if successfully presented, the court may award monetary damages to cover final costs incurred after the fatal accident.

Source:, “Farmington man killed in Highway 32 crash“, , June 25, 2014