Truck accidents: Son sues father, trucker after mother’s death

The son and administrator of a Missouri woman’s estate filed a lawsuit against a trucking company and its driver along with the deceased woman’s husband who survived the accident in which she was killed. Truck accidents can be disastrous due to the sheer size and weight of the large vehicles. If trucks are not properly maintained, they pose severe risks to other Missouri road users.

According to court documents, the accident occurred on Missouri Highway 141 when a northbound truck struck the passenger side of the vehicle in which the deceased woman was a traveling. The complaint states that the truck was carrying a load of construction equipment. It is alleged that the truck lacked brake pads and friction material and that the air suspension and axle were deficient.

Further allegations claim that the truck driver traveled at an unsafe speed and that distraction caused him to fail to brake in time to avoid the collision. This caused serious injuries to the passenger in the car, and the injuries ultimately caused her death. The accusations against the husband of the deceased woman include failing to maintain driving in a single lane, traveling in the wrong direction, failing to take evasive action and stopping on a highway in a situation that was not an emergency.

On behalf of his mother’s estate, the son seeks recovery of damages including medical expenses, pain and suffering and more. Missouri residents who have lost loved ones in truck accidents retain the right to pursue compensation on behalf of the estates of the decedents. Negligence will have to be established before the court will consider entering a monetary judgment. Along with the truck driver, the owner of the truck and/or the employer of the driver and the person responsible for maintenance of the vehicle may also be named as defendants.

Source:, “Trucking firm sued in Carrollton woman’s death”, Sanford J. Schmidt, Feb. 25, 2016