Truck accidents: Woman killed after Missouri collision

Truck accidents: Woman killed after Missouri collision

If an individual is killed in an automobile accident, filing a legal claim may be an option that the surviving family considers. Truck accidents often lead to such outcomes, and in cases of fatal incidents, families may have various options for legal recourse when it comes to potentially pursuing a claim. One family may soon be exploring their legal options after a recent crash in Missouri proved fatal.

Reports indicated that the collision involved a semi-truck and trailer and an SUV. The driver of the truck attempted to turn north onto the roadway after exiting a private drive. The driver of the SUV was heading south at the time, and presumably, the truck traveled into her vehicle’s path. As a result, the SUV crashed into the truck’s trailer. 

Emergency crews had to cut the woman from the vehicle due to the heavy damage it sustained. She was seriously injured and transported from the scene to the University of Missouri Hospital. Unfortunately, the injuries proved fatal. Her age was reported as 62 years old. Authorities were continuing to investigate the incident at the time of the report.

Fatal truck accidents are always tragic events. The family of this Missouri victim may find this situation particularly devastating, and filing a wrongful death claim could allow them to seek justice against the party or parties considered at fault for the crash. If they wish, they could potentially file a claim against the driver deemed responsible as well as the trucking company for which he works. 

Source:, “UPDATE: Monday’s Hwy 5 Crash Was Fatal For Stover Woman“, Janet Dabbs, Jan. 31, 2017

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