Understanding DUIs and DWIs in Missouri

Impaired driving is dangerous and results in several harmful crashes each year. For this reason, the courts are making punishments for DUI or DWI charges very strict.

For those who may be facing a charge, it may be helpful to understand what all it entails. There are a few key things to understand about a DUI or DWI charge in Missouri.

Not so different

When it comes down to it, DUIs and DWIs are not very different in the eyes of the law. However, in Missouri, DWI is the more common term that people use in regard to driving under the influence of any type of alcohol. If a sobriety test reveals a 0.08 percent blood alcohol level for an adult, or 0.02 percent for someone who is underage, the driver will face charges. Depending upon the number of offenses and the extent of any damage, the penalties may range.


Another common charge is driving under the influence of drugs. Similar to alcohol, drugs can slow down a driver’s response time and impede upon concentration. Considering the dangers, law enforcement and the court take such infractions very seriously and impose penalties similar to a DWI or DUI.

Facing charges

After an arrest, defendants must face their charges. They may try to fight them in the courtroom or accept them and receive the punishment. The number of previous offenses is one of the strongest factors that plays into sentences that defendants receive. In such cases, it can be very helpful to work with an attorney. Even if a defendant is guilty, the attorney may be able to negotiate a plea agreement resulting in a reduced or lighter sentence.

These are a few key facts regarding DUIs and DWIs in Missouri. Someone who is currently facing a charge should take some time to review the law to determine the best course of action. For further clarity and assistance, it is a good idea to consider consulting with an attorney.