Understanding the initial signs of nursing home neglect and abuse

Understanding the initial signs of nursing home neglect and abuse

As the average life expectancy continues to lengthen, individuals in Missouri and elsewhere are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to the care of an aging loved one. While it may be ideal to care for an elderly loved one on his or her own, this can quickly turn into a major role that one cannot fulfill while also maintaining a full time job and a personal life. Thus, the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is one that many are faced with.

Even when one is confident in their choice of nursing home, it is always imperative to be aware of the signs of nursing home neglect and abuse. The unfortunate reality is that many elderly residents are harmed and even killed by these incidents.

One of the first clear signs of neglect or abuse is a change in behavior. If a loved one’s behavior has suddenly changed or they appear to be agitated, irritable or are suddenly aggressive, this is often a sign that something is not right at the nursing home. Often times, it is the residents with dementia that are being abused due to the mere fact that they are forgetful and will be seen as making things up.

Therefore, if a loved one in a nursing home insists that he or she is being physically or verbally abused, it is important to investigate the matter. Statistics have indicated that when there are concerns of mistreatment, abuse and neglect are occurring 90% of the time.

While there are many facilities that offer safe and adequate care, the unfortunate reality is that some nursing home and the cause of serious harm and elder abuse. Thus, if one suspects that nursing home neglect or abuse is going on, it is important to understand what steps one can take. Speaking with a legal professional can help one get a clear picture of the situation and the options one might have when it comes to filing a civil action and recovering damages.

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