Veteran allegedly a victim of nursing home neglect

Veteran allegedly a victim of nursing home neglect

Nursing homes and care facilities in Missouri and across the U.S. are meant to help those who need assistance for their daily lives. The goal is to provide care that family members cannot. Illnesses, injuries and conditions can put anyone in a position where they need to be placed in a nursing home. In some cases, veterans need this level of care, even if they are not elderly. Unfortunately, in many facilities, the care is lacking.

A 34-year-old former member of the military who served in Iraq was placed in a Missouri care facility. He suffered a traumatic brain injury not while serving, but after being struck by a vehicle back home. Due to his injuries, he needs care 24/7. Since he has lived in the care facility, however, the man’s condition steadily worsened. His family says that he is not given the attention he needs. The problems started when the facility was sold. In two instances, his sister found him lying in his own urine. He is never dressed, wearing nothing more than a diaper despite clothes being in his closet.

The family contacted a local television news station for assistance. It found that the company that now owns the facility has had issues at all the nursing homes it owns. Six are in Missouri. Three of these facilities received one star out of five for its level of care. The home in which this man resides had 23 violations in the last inspection. That is triple the average across the nation. The facility was short staffed, some residents were rarely given baths, employees were not properly vetted, medication for pain was not given when it was needed and patients were left in their beds. The family wants to move the man to a nonprofit facility, but they are on a waiting list.

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is not something Missourians take lightly. When it is required to give the necessary personal and medical care, it is expected that the care will be provided without abuse, neglect or medical errors. Unfortunately, in some facilities there is mistreatment, and people are made worse or die. A law firm that has helped many people with cases of nursing home neglect and abuse can be consulted by families who find themselves in such a predicament.

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