What are steps to take after a dog bite?

What are steps to take after a dog bite?

Dogs are man’s best friends. However, that does not stop some canines from suddenly turning vicious. In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation reports that dogs bite over 4.5 million Americans each year. 

In many instances, a stray dog bites a person. However, there are other times when the dog bite came from a dog owned by a close friend or neighbor. This can be awkward and can severely damage the friendship. However, the injured party still has the right to seek damages. Here are the steps to take after sustaining a dog bite injury. 

Get medical help

Before worrying about insurance or legal action, it is vital that a person bit by a dog see a medical professional immediately. The friend can go with the person to handle any medical insurance matters. In some cases, the bite may not seem too bad at first. However, infections can develop if the victim does not treat the wound correctly. When in doubt, go to a doctor. 

Photograph injuries

These photographs may never come into play, but it is beneficial to have them just in case. Photos help determine whether the wound was superficial or if it significantly punctured the skin. 

File a report

Many people do not want to file a report with City of St. Charles Animal Control. Contrary to popular belief, filing a report does not mean they will automatically put the dog down. The agency will merely take action to ensure the dog’s owner sends the canine through training to make sure this type of incident never happens again. 

Talk to a personal injury lawyer

Many people do not want to sue their friends and neighbors. However, it does not hurt to at least meet with an attorney to review options. They may not ever end up filing a lawsuit. This step is to show the dog owner you are serious about compensation, but hopefully, the two of you can reach an agreement amicably.   


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