What not to say or do after a car accident

Car accidents are something we all hope to avoid. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. Therefore, learning how to react after an accident is crucial. This is especially true if you aren’t at fault in a wreck. The following is a guideline that will tell you what you “shouldn’t” say or do after an accident:

Not Talk to Witnesses: 

Sometimes, witness testimonies can help you get the compensation you deserve. Therefore, if you see people standing around who witnessed your accident, make sure to talk to them. Get their contact information if they can vouch for the fact that the wreck wasn’t your fault.

Not Call The Police:

No matter how small you might think the accident is you always should to call the police. You will need to have a police report of the accident. Furthermore, this report can be key in proving a case if you have to go to court. Police/detectives are able to study the accident scene and tell which driver was at fault.

Apologize or Take Blame:

It’s our human nature to want to apologize and make things better. However, if you take the blame for a wreck, you are giving away some of your own rights. Therefore, whether you are at fault or not, simply answer the questions asked of you by the police. Never confess or apologize though.

Talk to The Other Driver’s Insurance Company:

A big no, no is talking to the other driver’s insurance company. Insurance agents are good at tricking people into admitting guilt. They might even cause you to start second guessing what you know happened. Their goal is to get out of having to pay a claim they owe. Therefore, it’s best to avoid talking to them, especially before you get a lawyer.

Do Not Neglect to Call a Lawyer:

The final mistake people often make after an accident is not calling a lawyer soon enough. They wait until they see the case is getting out of hand. However, if you have an indication at all that the other driver or insurance company might try to get out of paying what they owe, you need an experienced lawyer on your side.