What should a person do after suffering a dog bite?

As St. Peters residents get out and about during these last days of summer, potential danger and injury may be the last things on their minds. But, it can be a very wise thing indeed to be ready for these situations so they don’t catch a person completely off guard. This blog post will describe what a person should do if they, or a loved one, suffers a dog bite.

When someone is injured from a dog bite, the number one priority is the safety and health of the injured person. The person should seek medical assistance immediately, if needed. This is because a number of serious conditions can result from a dog bite. These conditions include bodily injury, infections and even death, if the injury is severe enough. Prompt medical attention can lessen the severity of injuries and often prevent complications from happening.

If a person is attacked by a dog, and another party is at fault, the injured person may have a valid dog bite claim against the party at fault. The dog’s owner is very often the party legally responsible for the dog’s behavior. Under Missouri’s legal system, the owner may be required to pay compensation to the injured party. The specific circumstances are of key importance in determining liability.

Landlords and property owners may also be liable for dog bite injuries. If the owner allowed a dog onto their property, they may be liable for the injuries the animal caused. Also, kennel owners and operators may be liable for injuries suffered on their premises. A Missouri animal bite attorney can try to advise victims as to whether they may have a case against one of these parties.