What to do following an animal bite

What to do following an animal bite

Millions of Americans, including many from the Saint Peters, Missouri, area, welcome animals into their homes and families as pets. While a vast majority of pets are tame and loving, there are times when an animal may lash out at another person. Based on statistics from the Insurance Information Institute, in 2012 alone there were as many as 16,500 insurance claims from dog bites alone. And those figures do not include attacks from other pets such as horses, cats or reptiles.

An animal’s instincts are often defensive in nature, it may feel threatened. Whether or not the threat is real or ill-perceived, animal bites can be serious, sometimes leading to catastrophic injuries and in rare instances, even death.

An attack could lead to not only significant pain and suffering, but costly medical expenses, emotional pain, and even permanent disfigurement or scarring. When such an incident occurs, the pet owner may be held liable for any damages incurred by the victim.

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