Who is responsible for distracted driving car accidents?

Who is responsible for distracted driving car accidents?

Distracted driving is a major problem in Missouri, but there is some question regarding liability when phone-related distraction causes serious auto collisions. A family recently filed a lawsuit against Apple, the multinational giant, after their daughter died in an accident caused by a driver who was using the FaceTime function on his Apple phone at the time of the crash. The lawsuit asserts that Apple should make phones that disable certain applications while driving, minimizing the chance of car accidents

There is much debate surrounding the use of technology while behind the wheel of a car. While using a phone while driving is dangerous, is it the phone manufacturer’s fault if this technology is put to irresponsible use? In this particular lawsuit, both the driver who caused the crash and Apple are named as liable parties.

As this accident illustrates, distracted driving can have tragic consequences. It can be complicated to correctly identify all parties that may be liable in a case such as this, but with the help of an experienced attorney, it may be possible to secure compensation for pain and suffering and other monetary damages recognized by applicable laws. Injured victims or grieving family members of deceased victims have the right to their day in court and to pursue claims for damages through the appropriate legal recourse. 

A personal injury or wrongful death claim cannot reverse the damage that has been done, but it can help a Missouri family move forward after serious car accidents. With legal assistance, it is possible to hold the appropriate party fully accountable for negligence. A complete case evaluation will identify the legal options available.

Source: The New York Times, “Apple’s Corporate Responsibility for Distracted Driving“, Katherine Mangu-Ward and Jason Mars, Jan. 11, 2017

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