Why do slip-and-fall accidents happen?

Why do slip-and-fall accidents happen?

A slip-and-fall accident has the potential to turn your life upside down before you know what hit you. From your injuries to the impact on your finances, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to make some immediate changes to care for yourself and protect your legal rights.

An understanding of the primary causes of slip-and-fall accidents can help you maintain your safety. Here are some things to be on the lookout for:


  • Slippery floors: For example, if you’re walking into an office building after it’s been raining, consider the fact that the entryway may be slippery.
  • Spills: This is a major concern in grocery stores, as a store employee or visitor could spill something that puts you at risk. For instance, if someone drops a carton of eggs on the ground, it makes for a slippery situation. Should you step on the spill without seeing it, there’s a good chance you’ll tumble to the ground.
  • Excessive polish or wax: The problem with this is that you can’t see it. Recently polished or waxed floors may look a bit shinier than usual, but not always enough for you to take notice to the point of slowing down.
  • Inadequate outdoor lighting: Take, for example, a shopping mall parking lot that doesn’t have proper lighting that allows you to see the ground and your surroundings. This could result in your stepping in a pothole or tripping over a curb. Either way, you could fall to the ground and suffer an injury.

If you’re injured in a slip-and-fall accident, do the following:


  • Stay where you are as you assess your injuries
  • Call 911 for help if you require the assistance of paramedics
  • Inform the property owner of the incident
  • Preserve evidence, such as by taking photos of the scene

When a property owner fails to maintain a safe premises, it has the potential to result in a slip-and-fall accident. If you’re the victim, receive treatment for your injuries and then take action to obtain compensation from the negligent party. You were injured through no fault of your own, so don’t wait to protect your legal rights.

So what are you to do if you or a loved one have been disabled in an accident? It’s worth considering these steps:

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