Will self-driving cars make our roads safer?

Shortly after midnight on a recent Saturday, a fatal crash occurred in Moniteau County. This was one of many Missouri car accidents that happen when drivers are unable to maintain their lanes of travel. Cross-over accidents are not uncommon, and determining the cause can be tricky.

An accident report by the Missouri State Highway Patrol indicates that the crash occurred on U.S. 50. It shows that a 27-year-old westbound Sedalia man allowed his vehicle to cross into the eastbound lanes. He reportedly smashed head-on into the car of a 20-year-old New Haven driver. The reason for the man crossing into the lanes of opposite traveling traffic has not yet been determined.

Upon impact, both cars reportedly burst into flames. The eastbound driver lost his life, and his death was pronounced at the accident scene. The driver who is deemed responsible apparently suffered serious injuries, and he was rushed to a medical facility in Columbia. The deceased driver was said to have been wearing a seat belt when the crash occurred, while the injured driver was unrestrained.

Regardless of whether the driver was distracted, fatigued or intoxicated when he crossed the center line, he will likely be held responsible. Failure to maintain a traffic lane in Missouri is an offense. Families who have to cope with such tragic losses in car accidents may pursue financial relief by filing wrongful death claims in a civil court. The court will consider documented claims for damages and losses after the establishment of negligence on the part of other individuals. Monetary judgments can cover financial and emotional damages sustained.

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