Will they ease the hours of service rule for truck drivers?

Will they ease the hours of service rule for truck drivers?

While some drivers are faced with long commutes to work or for business, this often does not compare to the length of time truck drivers spend on the roadways. Driving a large motor vehicle across the state or several states is commonplace for truck drivers in Missouri and elsewhere; however, it is always a job that comes with many risks no matter how many years of experience a driver has.

Truck accidents are often caused by negligence, and when a truck driver or trucking company fails to comply with federal trucking regulations, this could be the cause of a serious collision. Thus, certain regulations, such as hours of service, are heavily looked. This is because fatigued driving is likely to occur when a truck driver is overworked.

Will they ease on the hours of service rule for truck drivers? This is a question often asked because, as of now, most truck drivers do not want to violate the rule by one minute because the penalties are not worth it. That being said, the Trump administration, along with interest groups, seeks to make this rule more flexible.

Highway safety advocates urge against this, as a deregulation of these rules would only increase accidents caused by fatigued truck drivers. In 2017, there were a reported 4,657 large trucks involved in fatal crashes. This was a 10% increase from the previous year and a strong enough reason to urge that these regulations remain.

The aftermath of a truck accident can be severe and traumatic. Victims often endure severe or fatal injuries. Thus, it is important to understand cause and liability for these accidents so action could be taken. A civil suit could help a victim recover compensation for the losses suffered.

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