Woman in St. Peters crash admits to heroin use before fatal accident

A woman who St. Peters police say caused a car accident last week in St. Peters has told officials that she used heroin before the fatal crash.

The 42-year-old St. Peters woman is accused of causing the Willott Road crash that took the lives of two senior citizens.

As we previously reported in this space, the woman’s car apparently crossed the center line on Willott near Crescent Hill Drive and slammed into the oncoming vehicle head-on.

A 90-year-old St. Charles man and a 91-year-old St. Peters woman died of their injuries sustained in the violent collision.

A paramedic on the scene of the crash reported finding a syringe in the 42-year-old’s bra while treating her injuries.

A police officer searched the woman’s car and found five capsules of heroin, according to a news report. She reportedly confessed to officials that she was on her way back from St. Louis after purchasing heroin and had used the syringe to inject the drug into her arm before the car accident.

At the time of the news report, the woman was hospitalized with injuries sustained in the collision.

In an unrelated matter, a New York man is facing charges that he was high on drugs when he was driving a commercial pick-up truck that slammed into the back of a 71-year-old woman’s car.

The woman died of her injuries.

The 23-year-old apparently admits to taking two Xanax before getting behind the wheel of his employer’s truck.

Law enforcement officials also reportedly found heroin in the truck.

The man was convicted in 2006 of driving while impaired and “has had numerous drug offenses,” according to a news report.

An attorney for the victim’s family might reasonably ask why a company would hire a person with that kind of record to drive a vehicle. In some cases, the employer would be held financially responsible, along with the driver, for the tremendous damages in such a situation.

Source: St. Peters Patch, “Woman Injected Heroin Before Causing Fatal Car Crash, Police Say,” April 22, 2013

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