Wrong-way car accidents remain a concern on Missouri roads

Wrong-way car accidents remain a concern on Missouri roads

Wrong-way drivers remain a concern in Missouri and other states. While authorities are working on ways to address the issue, severe injuries and even fatalities resulting from car accidents caused by wrong-way drivers continue to occur. A recent head-on collision that involved a wrong-way driver claimed the life of a 26-year-old man.

Traveling along the highway and unexpectedly seeing a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction is naturally a frightening experience. In many cases, there is no time to avoid a crash, and even if a driver manages to swerve out of the way of the approaching vehicle, it may cause a collision with another vehicle. An attempt to avoid a head-on collision may also result in a vehicle leaving the roadway, causing a roll-over accident.

University City police were called to an accident on Interstate 170 in the early morning hours of a recent Saturday. According to the accident report, a southbound driver encountered a vehicle traveling north in the southbound lane. Witnesses reported that the headlights of this vehicle were not on. Police say the wrong-way driver apparently entered the interstate on an exit ramp for southbound traffic and traveled across three traffic lanes. The subsequent head-on collision allegedly caused the death of the southbound driver.

The alleged wrong-way driver reportedly suffered injuries of unknown severity and was transported to the hospital. The media report made no mention of alcohol or drugs playing a role in the fatal accident. Losing loved ones in car accidents typically cause extreme trauma to the surviving family members. Although successfully litigating a wrongful death claim may result in a monetary judgment, it can never fill the void left by the untimely death. However, any compensation awarded by a Missouri civil court may assist the surviving family in coping with the financial consequences of a funeral and burial, along with other documented losses.

Source: stltoday.com, “One dead and one injured in wrong-way crash on Interstate 170 in University City“, Denise Hollinshed, Jan. 11, 2015

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