You may need help with injury claims after motorcycle accidents

Those riding in an enclosed vehicle in Missouri typically have the protection of the vehicle itself and the restraining power of safety belts to reduce the severity of injuries in the event of a collision. In contrast, motorcycle riders have only their helmets to protect their heads and nothing to prevent ejection. If the size and weight of a motor vehicle or truck is compared to that of a motorcycle, it is clear to see why the consequences of motorcycle accidents where other vehicles are involved are often devastating.

Many accidents result from motor vehicle operators who fail to see a motorcycle. The majority of personal injury claims or wrongful death claims in the event of a fatal accident arise from a few different circumstances. Motorcycle accidents on highways often occur when car or truck drivers move into the lane of a motorcyclist without indicating the intention to do so. By cutting off a motorcyclist, the rider is forced to take evasive action — often at his or her peril. 

Many motorcycle accidents occur when a vehicle driver fails to keep a look out at intersections or when exiting parking areas or driveways. Other common causes include drivers who are intoxicated or distracted by mobile devices. Injuries commonly suffered in such accidents include back, neck and head injuries, along with broken bones and internal injuries. However, proving the negligence of a vehicle driver in accidents involving motorcycles may prove to be difficult.

Victims of motorcycle accidents in Missouri may face mounting medical costs, and depending on the nature and severity of the injuries, medical care may be required for extended periods. An attorney who has experience in motorcycle accident claims may provide an understanding of legal rights and options for recovery of damages. The attorneys at the Johnson law Firm, LLC, will assess the circumstances of the accident and pursue recovery of damages such as medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering, along with additional damages as allowed by Missouri laws. Our motorcycle accident website provides more information related to legal remedies after such accidents.