Young man lost his life in 1 of many Missouri car accidents

Losing a loved one can be a traumatic experience. Occasionally, fatalities occur as the result of car accidents where very little information is available. In such cases, it may take some time for the investigators to determine the circumstances that caused the accident. The uncertainty may compound the anxiety experienced by the Missouri families of the deceased, and prevent them from finding closure.

Such a mysterious accident was recently reported in the early hours of the morning. Police reported that a 20-year-old man was driving in a northern direction when he smashed into a southbound vehicle. The drivers of both vehicles sustained serious injuries and were transported to a nearby hospital. The driver of the northbound vehicle died later.

No further information was available, and the police reported that the investigation is ongoing. In cases where hardly any information is available, investigation teams will typically reconstruct the accident to get a clearer picture of what happened. They may also investigate the possibility of alcohol or drugs playing a role in the accident.

Once the investigation is complete, it may be possible to determine who was at fault. Missouri residents who have lost loved ones in car accidents may retain the right to file wrongful death claims in a court. Individuals who have suffered injuries in accidents as a result of the negligent behavior of other parties may also want to explore their legal options regarding filing a personal injury claim in a civil court. After successful litigation, the court may award restitution to cover all expenses incurred as a consequence of the tragedy.

Source:, Car crash kills Liberty man, 20, Glen E Rice, Feb. 17, 2014