Your auto insurance might put their well-being above your own

Your auto insurance might put their well-being above your own

The outstanding bills and unforeseen costs have been flooding in since your accident, and you need to do a lot of catching up. Even though this is why you have insurance, they might not be so eager to hand over the money you deserve.

Motor vehicle accidents can cost up to an average of almost $94,000, not to mention non-calculable damages like pain and suffering and emotional distress. Getting help with all these costs through your insurance policy may seem like a done deal, but your insurance company is usually more concerned with their bottom line than your recovery.

Proceed with caution

You pay into your policy regularly for just this reason, so make sure you avoid common pitfalls from your provider:


  • Coverage explanation: Insurance contracts can be tough to read through, full of jargon and limitations, but that doesn’t mean you should take your insurance company’s word for what’s covered. There are clauses on amendments on statues in there, and they could only point out the ones that work in their favor.
  • Quick settlement: The first offer from the insurance company probably isn’t the best. Providers often have a set percentage of the actual payout they offer at first, as a quick and low payment works in their favor. Make sure you know your coverage and what you’ve got coming.
  • Providing statements: Statements given minutes, days and months into the claims process are likely to have some discrepancies. Insurance companies could use these differences in detail to deny your claim, so make sure you stick to the facts when dealing with your provider.
  • Second opinions: Seeking the necessary medical attention after an injury should be at the top of your list. But you may be obligated to get a second opinion. Your insurance provider might present a list of doctors to visit but be wary of those names. They likely know what the insurance company is looking for, and it may skew their analysis.
  • Slow-motion: Even when a payment is coming, the insurance company may not want to be quick about it. Dragging things on could be in their interest, as you begin to get desperate for compensation, ties between injuries and the accident become less clear and windows for claims start to close.

Knowing how to deal with your insurance company can make a big difference when filing a claim. Understand how providers operate, and you could be on your way to getting the compensation you deserve.

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